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The Photograph That Captured the Horror of MLK’s Assassination

April 3, 2015


Had Joseph Louw decided to finish his dinner on April 4, 1968, the photographs that captured the horror of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination may never have come to be. Louw, a young South African photographer and filmmaker at work on a documentary about King, had been eating dinner in a Memphis restaurant during the hour before tragedy struck. A sudden urge to watch the NBC nightly news brought him back to the Lorraine Motel, where he soon heard a single shot fired.

Louw, who was staying three doors down from King, immediately rushed onto the balcony, where he saw King collapse to the ground. After realizing there was nothing he could do to help, he ran inside to get his camera. “At first,” he told LIFE the following week, “it was just a matter of realizing the horror of the thing. Then I knew I must record it for…

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“I Can’t afford to live anymore” #DWP #ESA #DLA #CarlGreen #socialcleansing #Homeless

April 1, 2015

Social Action 2014

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“I Can’t afford to live anymore”. Imagine that is true and what you are saying to yourself in despair. Bailiffs knocking and ringing, Council Tax Court letters, fines for being unable to pay Council Tax, rent arrears, eviction letters,debts piling up, mounds of unopened mail. Feeling a failure, abject poverty, not even a fag or a cuppa tea.
Imagine how tormented people are to even think of giving up on life. How humiliated and terrorised by others, how alone and desperate.
This Government has made more people feel that way than any other, including Thatcher. I hold them responsible for :
Terry McGarvey, 48. Dangerously ill from polycytheamia, Terry asked for an ambulance to be called during his Work Capability Assessment. He knew that he wasn’t well enough to attend his WCA but feared that his benefits would be stopped if he did not. He…

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