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David Healy: You Promote This? Life After Electroshock: Disability, Discrimination, Brain Damage, and Negative Economic Ramifications

July 23, 2015

Talk with Tenney

David Healy: You Promote This? Life After Electroshock: Disability, Discrimination, Brain Damage, and Negative Economic Ramifications

Original Air date: July 22, 2015; 9-11 PM Eastern (you can listen on demand any time)

David Healy please clarify your stance on electroshock. Hear people who are electroshock survivors and their academic allies describe the multiple ways in which electroshock continues to act as a human rights violation on a day-to-day basis for those who have been subjected to it. Electroshock negatively impact people long after the final spark; a continued feeling of discrimination that one experiences as someone who was allowed to be put into this position of being electroshocked. Electric assault is intesified by “doctors” invalidating people who speak out against the brain damage shock caused them, including memory loss. Social isolation is created by discrimination, invalidation, and brain damage. The resulting disability that often leaves one unable to work…

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July 3, 2015

Anne C Woodlen: Notes in Passing

After five days on Upstate/Community General Observation Unit and eight days at Sunnyside Care Center rehab, what are my conclusions?

Not much.

1. I am tired, too tired to know or care.
2. Care of the sick is given over to the least intelligent people.
3. The least intelligent people are the most rigid, inflexible people who gather in cliques of malice.
4. The poorest patients are given the worst treatment.
a. The doctor stopped by literally for a minute today because she was going to a funeral.
b. The nurse practitioner came in yesterday to tell me that she’d written prescriptions for my discharge without asking how I felt about being discharged, then left without talking to me: five minutes.
c. The nursing supervisor came in yesterday and told me that the doctor had seen me the day before: she had not.
d. The med nurse, the day before…

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Who ticked Leonard Henderson off this badly?

July 2, 2015

How Child Protection Services Buys and Sells Our Children

Last evening, a fellow advocate and myself were discussing advocacy. We made mention of how many were all about the complete destruction of CPS as a whole; while others recognize the need for a child protection system, but the current one was dysfunctional and very, very broken. We spoke of how advocates come and go. Some are there for the long haul and others are fly-by-night. In time my thoughts turned to one that suddenly realized I had not heard from in a while. Sadly a few search clicks later revealed that we had lost one of our eldest and greatest, Leonard Henderson. on January 1st.

Leonard started his battle with Oregon CPS in 1997. Below the picture you see a few excerpts about Leonard’s battle. He went on to found Oregon Family Rights and was co-founder of the American Family Rights AssociationWhile I had known him for…

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