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Regarding kendra sams – "lodged" at laurel county corrections" in kentucky…

August 21, 2015

I am living in Kentucky as poor as dirt...but it is still better than any place else, so welcome to KENTUCKY!

Ms. Kendra Sams, 29 years old, was being lodged at the Laurel County Corrections.

According to Facebook posts she suffered a seizure on July 12th which caused her to fall from the top bunk in her cell and land on the floor. She was not given medical attention at that time.

At some point she was transferred to Casey County Corrections where her illness became acute. Her Mother was apparently contacted and she was then transported to the Hospital.

Roger Hoskins

August 18 at 12:18pm · Garrard, KY ·

I’m waking up to some heart breaking news out of the family and asking for all who can please pray

Roger Hoskins

August 18 at 3:10pm · Edited ·

Please be praying for Kendra Sams she’s going into surgery right now … This young lady didn’t deserve any of this and I’m confident that the story will be told soon…. Please…

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Our worst enemy and biggest threat

August 21, 2015

Our worst enemy and biggest threat.

Our worst enemy and biggest threat

August 21, 2015

Hopeworks Community

The posts you want to write are much easier than those you have to write. This is a have to and I already regret it and I haven’t even written it yet. I probably will offend some, don’t mean to offend anyone but hopefully we will all survive. If you read this and have absolutely no idea what I am taking about then rejoice I am not talking about you.

E. Fuller Torrey, Tim Murphy, and D J Jaffe and all their assorted minions are not our biggest enemies or biggest threats. They are their own biggest enemies. They have sabotaged, mismanaged and messed up their thing far better than we ever could.

We are our own worst enemies… By far. If we can’t stand each other what difference can anything we stand for make?

The frequency and intensity of personal attacks is increasing. Perhaps I am missing the boat…

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The wounded healer: revisiting the archetype

August 7, 2015

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

“When I stand before thee at the day’s end, thou shalt see my scars and know that I had my wounds and also my healing.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore

“The doctor is effective only when he himself is affected. Only the wounded physician heals.” ~ Carl Jung

This is the archetype that has made the most sense for me during these last years. It helps give meaning to what has otherwise been an exceedingly difficult task of healing from the iatrogenic injury incurred from the psychiatric drugs. Many of us who have been harmed in this way are doing this together. Nonetheless, it has become clear that all our journeys are distinct and unique.

woundedThe Wounded Healer is initiated into the art of healing through some form of personal hardship–anything from an actual physical injury or illness to the loss of all one’s earthly possessions. Regardless of the shape of the wound, the challenge inherent in this…

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We have to stop the Government from abusing our children!

August 5, 2015

We have to stop the Government from abusing our children!.

We have to stop the Government from abusing our children!

August 5, 2015

U.S. Marijuana Party Kentucky

Sumner (center) has lunch with students at John G. Carlisle School in Covington with Sheriff Chuck Korzenborn (left) and Superintentendent Alvin Garrison (right) (RCN file)

Not only do they profile us as adults, they do it to our children as well! And it seems to me that all children are being approached and prosecuted similar if not exactly like adults, no matter the offense.

We as parents have to fight for our children not to be abused while in custody of State and/or Federal Authorities. The schools continue to be a breeding ground for abuse of children by school teachers and other officials, counselors, etc.., And then law enforcement can come in right behind them and traumatize a child at will. When did we loose the right to protect our children from harm? Why do we have to sit here and watch while our children are being abused right before…

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