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September 9, 2015

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The body knows: trauma and the body

September 8, 2015

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I’ve posted several times now about Bessel van der Kolk’s work.

Below are some quotes from his book ” The Body Keeps the Score,” that Laura K. Kerr selected. She is currently reading the book. I look forward to her writing on her thoughts about the book when she completes it. She writes wonderful posts on trauma related topics on her blog.

A selection of quotes from “The Body Keeps the Score:”

bodyIf we look beyond the list of specific symptoms that entail formal psychiatric diagnoses, we find that almost all mental suffering involves either trouble in creating workable and satisfying relationships or difficulties in regulating arousal (as in the case of habitually becoming enraged, shut down, overexcited, or disorganized). Usually it’s a combination of both. The standard medical focus on trying to discover the right drug to treat a particular ‘disorder’ tends to distract us…

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