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Facing the shadow, both the darkness within us and that of others…

January 17, 2017

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Rage is nectar from the gods. Rage is Kali. We shun her at our peril.


Healing for me required learning to hold joy and devastating loss together at the same time. Such is life.


The dialectic — staying safe and getting our feet dirty both — we need to learn to do that. Lately on twitter there has been a meme about being willing to get into “good trouble.” In these times, I dare say, it’s a necessity to our survival. Be willing to get into good trouble!


It’s very easy to want to turn away from stories like the one I shared the other day. The one about the woman killing her beautiful, young, innocent child.  I’ve looked away from such stories many times…they’re incredibly painful to consider.

We must learn to be willing to look however, because this is a completely preventable story. It also seems that if we…

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Psych drugs and brain damage

January 16, 2017

Is it worth brain damage to take these?

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

There is an unfortunate belief in some parts of critical psych communities that says that the brain injury that many of us sustain as a result of psychiatric drug use and withdrawal is permanent and irreversible. That we cannot heal from it. The other day I came upon an article written by a highly respected member of this community who was saying that, indeed, what we have on our hands, quite often, is permanent brain damage. Several people spoke up about this prior to my response as well and took issue with this powerful idea and belief because it’s simply not true across the board and it can cause a lot of harm if people believe it. I am sharing only my response and one comment from another member whom I was able to ask permission to print here.

here are the comments with a bit of editing for clarity on…

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Physical, mental, emotional – all ONE (Chinese / Ayurvedic systems have known this for millennia)

January 10, 2017

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

There are many access points to the whole. Sometimes people concentrate more on different access points…like the psychological, or the physical. I’ve come to concentrate on the whole shebang because I had no choice. It was what was required that I might heal. Different folks have different paths and sometimes only one access point is enough to bring about healing that allows for basic growth and functioning. The only problem is when people imagine their access point is the only one that works and get dogmatic about it. We are endlessly diverse and so there are many different ways to go. Always.

I wrote the below comments for a professional email group I sometimes participate in. It was in response to a thread in which some folks were being incredulous about the idea that viruses or inflammation might be correlated or involved in emotional and/or psychiatric issues. The group’s focus is straight…

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When we are told our experience is too ugly to be heard…

January 8, 2017

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

In the wake of the backlash I’ve experienced from having posted: Carrie Fisher’s urn is a giant prozac pill — this is my heart-felt response I wrote:

When people are gravely harmed and they open their mouths to simply share their experience they are told they’re too extreme. …it’s a conundrum…when we are told our experience is too ugly to be heard. We are in essence being told to shut up. The mainstream narrative is dangerous when it comes to psych meds (and many other things)…this needs to be confronted. One way or another. Sometimes it’s scary. This is simply true.

I want to also say that I have great respect for Carrie Fisher who was clearly a powerful woman who spoke her own mind. I have no bone to pick with her. I am confronting the mainstream narrative and media which will use anything to support itself. Carrie was a victim…

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Empaths, empathy, healing and relationships

January 4, 2017

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

We might be able to feel other people’s emotions but if we call ourselves empaths when what we do is call difficult folks narcissistic, toxic and unredeemable while running away from their pain — there is no empathy in such behavior. (That is just one example — we can consider any sort of “negative” personality traits or emotions here) There is nothing wrong with self-preservation but then we need to understand what we are doing when we are unable to stand our feelings vis-a-vis another person. The feelings are, when in our body, our feelings too. We feel these feelings because they are part of what being a human being is.

All human beings have the capacity for all feelings. The only way we can actually develop empathy and earn the right to use the word empath is to dare to deeply feel these feelings and in so doing TRANSMUTE…

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HAPPY 2017: The Resistance Is Now

January 2, 2017

By: Lessa Leigh 2016 may be remembered as the year where the wheels came off, where illusions were shattered, where the jackboots hit the concrete with resonating force. In the run up to December 3…

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Healing a brain injury can hurt very badly. Delusion and dissociation. Herbs, herbs, herbs.

January 2, 2017

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Layers of delusion and dissociation have been directly correlated with bad bacteria and other issues with biofilm matrixes in the body. As I have cleansed (detoxed) I’ve healed long-standing autoimmune disease as well as brain injury imparted from psych drugs. “Mental health issues” associated with trauma also cleared up as the layers of dissociation disappeared with the biofilm matrixes. Word “disappeared” while true, belies the real work involved in letting go. This has both an emotional/spiritual process and a physical one. Both have been critically important processes in the healing process. We are truly one. There is no separation between the physical and the emotional. No separation between body and mind. And everything matters because everything is interconnected. 

This healing process has largely been a process of returning to the body. An embodiment process. See: The disembodied mess we’re in.


Sometimes healing a brain injury really hurts very badly… *acutely*…

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Happy New Year. May the dawn be in the hearts of everyone, always.

January 1, 2017