Pharmaceuticals suppress symptoms…(and thus lie to us)

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Western medicine with it’s penchant for suppression is a real political force. In suppressing the body’s cries we are also denying the psyche. One need only look at US political process and our communities rife with racism, sexism and homophobia to see what this denial has created. Pharmaceuticals suppress symptoms and then keep one in the maintenance mode, creating customers for life and guaranteeing no real healing.

Our bodies are mirrors of our minds and psyches. The emotional, physical, biological, mental, spiritual, ecological (everything) is connected and interlinked. We must wake up to this fact if we hope to heal ourselves, but more importantly if we hope to survive as a species on this beautiful planet we call home. Right now we’re on a crash course to total destruction.

Let us learn to heal. Let us learn to listen. Let us be willing to trust in our inherently beautiful nature.

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